No Man’s Land

01. Winter Issue

A call to arms. A war zone. A blight on the known, the traditional. Divergent perceptions flew at us from all sides as we considered how HamLit’s first theme, No Man’s Land, might relate to the world of others. What we hadn’t anticipated was how quickly personal connections seemed to take shape, hardening into defined concepts with clarity and passion. We knew then that this journal could become something meaningful. Providing an accessible space for all of these wonderful ideas to fully surface was the natural next step.

As the inaugural release, Winter Issue: No Man’s Land is special. It marks the beginning of a new era of voices rising from the fathoms of our respective localities. It celebrates and champions diverse creativity, evocative storytelling, and thematic intention. It provides an outlet for connectivity and engagement. HamLit may be from us, but it’s for you. The writer. The reader. The community member.

This issue features stories from eight authors, two counties, one charge. Inside you’ll find solace and warmth, outsiders with no place to call their own, otherworldly forces, and meditations on both the living and the dying. You’ll discover the oppression of the present, one wicked slap, an ominous viewpoint, a misunderstood goddess, a dive bar haunting, the power of the female gaze, how deep the past roots inside us, and an untimely loss of innocence. Each contributing writer showcases a preternatural affinity with the challenge of diverse, evocative, thematically-intentional storytelling and have earned your attention.

Thank you for joining us in our first expedition through the four seasons. Winter can bring a particularly wicked environment, and the following stories willfully probe the depths of that specific brand of harshness. Still, we challenge you to see the hope that weaves throughout. May you traverse this no man’s land with thrumming hearts and halcyon eyes.

Welcome to HamLit.

Yellow Light
by Erika Shepard
The Other Side
by Alexandra M. Lucas
Bleating of a Dying Fawn
by Oscar White
Aphrodite in the Forest, My Lady Aphrodite
by Elizabeth Scott Tervo
Long Gone
by Tom Altreuter
by David Beaumier
Lune de Miel
by Brittany Micka-foos
In Between Days
by Cate Perry